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Which of the following are to be included as assets on a personal financial statement? *

When applying for a business credit card, will the credit card company require the business owner to provide his or her social security number as part of the application process? *

What is the minimum credit score of a business owner for a small business adminstration (SBA) loan? *

What is the minimum personal net worth of the business owner required to start a business? *

What is the best business entity structure for a company that has two owners and a lot of assets? *

What is the lowest down payment percentage compared to the purchase price of a business that is needed to buy a business? *

Let’s say you have worked for a company for many years and have built up a sizeable retirement fund. Do you have to liquidate your retirement account in order to invest these funds in your business? *

Venture Capitalists usually make investments in a business in exchange for what? *

Which form of financing generally does not require a personal guarantee by the small business owner? *

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